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Harrison County Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Every person who enters the care of a nursing home deserves to enjoy the highest level of care and respect. Unfortunately, nursing homes in Harrison County have a high rate of neglect and abuse that results in serious injuries.

Whenever a nursing home is negligent in allowing these activities to occur on their property, they have an obligation to provide compensation. This includes payments to cover the costs of medical care and to make up for any physical pain and emotional trauma caused by negligence.

A Harrison County nursing home abuse lawyer may be able to help you or a loved one demand proper payments following instances of nursing home abuse. Reach out to a compassionate personal injury attorney today.

Common Forms of Abuse in Nursing Homes

Abuse is sadly common in Harrison County nursing homes. Many of these facilities do not take their responsibility to care for the sick and elderly as seriously as they should. As a result, many forms of abuse often occur that range from simple neglect to the intentional use of violence.

Even mere neglect has devastating consequences. A nursing aide who refuses requests for water, does not turn a bed-bound resident to prevent bedsores, or who does not offer a helping hand in the shower is complicit in allowing resulting injuries. Because nursing homes have a duty to provide protection from these common hazards, that nursing home shares legal responsibility.

Injuries may also result from the intentional abuses by staff. It is a sad fact that nursing home positions sometimes attract workers with a propensity for violence or an inclination to take advantage of those in a vulnerable position. Much like in cases of neglect, a nursing home shares liability because they have a duty to hire qualified staff. A Harrison County nursing home abuse attorney could help residents understand how nursing home failures may entitle a loved one to compensation.

Legal Rights Following an Abuse

Every resident of a nursing home enjoys certain protections under the law. These include the same rights of people who are living on their own as well as rights established specifically for the protection of vulnerable residents. Federal laws state that nursing home patients enjoy protections against discrimination, the right to participate in activities and to be free from abuse or neglect. Furthermore, state laws create a duty for all nursing homes to prevent any accidental or intentional injuries. A failure to meet any of these obligations that result in an injury may give affected residents the right to demand compensation.

To receive compensation, a plaintiff must prove that a nursing home breached its duty of care. This may include evidence of a failure to properly screen staff before hiring, a failure to properly train staff, inadequate chances for socialization, or even claims alleging systematic abuses that leadership did not correct. Successful claims could collect payments for all losses and damages associated with the abuse. A nursing home abuse lawyer in Harrison County could help investigate and pursue these claims. If one expects he or her loved one to be suffering from abuse or neglect, he or she should contact a seasoned injury lawyer right away.

A Harrison County Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Could Help Victims of Nursing Home Abuse

If you or a loved one was seriously harmed because of a nursing home’s neglect, abuse, or grievous infraction, then you could use the help of an attorney. An attorney could help you file a claim that could lead to full and complete recovery. Contact us today for your free consultation with a Harrison County nursing home abuse lawyer.