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Harrison County Bus Accident Lawyer

Buses perform a vital function. Many people rely on these vehicles to run errands, commute to work, or travel. While the efficiency of placing dozens of people on one vehicle is certainly a benefit to bus travel, the required size of these vehicles creates many hazards on the road.

The size of buses makes them slow to stop in an emergency and sluggish when needing to make a sudden turn. Additionally, there are many blind spots on a bus that make it difficult to see smaller vehicles. While bus drivers must take all appropriate caution to adjust for these problems, collisions between buses and other drivers are common.

Any person who suffers an injury because of a bus driver’s negligence deserves compensation with the help of a hardworking personal injury attorney. This includes drivers of other vehicles, their passengers, and even the people inside the buses themselves. A Harrison County bus accident lawyer could help you or a loved one understand your legal rights and demand fair payments for your losses.

The Duties of Bus Drivers to Other People

Bus drivers share many of the same obligations as the operators of all other vehicles. As a result, bus drivers must obey speed limits, stop at red lights, and yield when required by law. A failure on the part of a bus driver to follow these safety rules that ends with a traffic court conviction is evidence of negligence per se.

Bus drivers also assume a duty to keep their passengers safe. Because passengers on buses pay a fare, either as a rider on a city bus or a private charter line, that company assumes a duty to care for their wellbeing. As a result, a passenger hurt in an accident where the bus driver is at-fault, regardless of whether this collision involves another vehicle, has the right to demand compensation. A Harrison County bus accident lawyer could help provide more information about the duties of bus drivers to keep other people safe.

Available Compensation for Injured Victims

Because a bus driver (really, his company and their insurance company) must compensate injured plaintiffs for their losses, it is essential for plaintiffs to provide an accurate accounting of their injuries. Naturally, the core of a civil bus accident claim usually includes a physical injury. It is important to get all the necessary medical care for these injuries, whether they be temporary or permanent. Likely injuries may include broken bones, separated joints, severe cuts and bruises, concussions, brain injuries, and burn injuries.

Many victims of bus accidents suffer injuries that go beyond the physical. If an injury is severe enough to require a person to miss time at work, the bus company may be liable for wage reimbursement. Additionally, many injuries inflict severe pain or mental trauma. A Harrison County bus accident lawyer could help individuals measure their losses and demand full compensation.

Municipal Busses

A case may become complicated if the bus is government property. Traditionally, the government was immune from paying personal injury cases. However, modern laws open the government to lawsuits in case of when employees cause harm. This may cause a case to have a shorter statute of limitations than the three years under Mississippi Code Annotated §15-1-49. As a result, the time to file a civil claim may be running short. Contact a Harrison County bus accident lawyer today to preserve a case.

A Harrison County Bus Accident Attorney May be Able to Help

Bus drivers and their operating companies have a duty to protect all people that they encounter while on the road. If you have suffered an injury where a bus driver’s negligence was the source of the incident, you have the right to demand payments.

To collect compensation and make a full and complete recovery, you need to prove defendant’s negligence, gather information about your losses, and present that information in a persuasive manner. A Harrison County bus accident attorney could take all the necessary steps to pursue your case. Contact an attorney today for a free consultation to see how he or she could.