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Hancock County Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Unfortunately, mistakes made in the medical field often result in catastrophic injuries. Every medical practitioner has a duty to their patients and the law to practice their craft with an appropriate level of skill and care, and to follow appropriate safety rules. A failure to do so that results in an injury may be grounds for a medical malpractice claim.

Pursuing a medical malpractice claim in Mississippi requires expert testimony from qualified medical professionals that the defendant breached the standard of care, and that the breach caused the injuries and damages in question. A Hancock County medical malpractice lawyer could help individuals who have suffered harm because of a breach of the adequate standard of care by medical practitioners. A skilled personal injury attorney could perform an initial case evaluation, gather necessary evidence, and hire qualified experts.

Common Examples of Medical Malpractice

Every medical provider has an obligation under the law to provide competent care. However, the concept of competence is relative in the eyes of the law. A poor result after visiting a doctor does not necessarily mean that malpractice has occurred. Instead, the law evaluates the actions of the defendant through the lens of acceptable medical practice.

According to established law, a medical professional must provide care that a reasonably competent peer would have under the same circumstances. As a result, the concept of medical malpractice changes based on the role of the doctor or medical professional, where the malpractice took place, and the patient’s health before treatment.

A dedicated Hancock County lawyer could examine a patient’s case and retain appropriate medical experts to determine if medical malpractice occurred. Examples of medical malpractice may include:

  • Misdiagnosing a patient
  • Prescribing the wrong medication or dosage
  • Failure to make a proper or timely diagnosis
  • Making surgical errors
  • Failure to offer timely or appropriate treatment for symptoms presented
  • Leaving a sponge or other foreign objection inside a patient after surgery
  • Failing to monitor a patient’s condition or recovery
  • Post-operative negligence

Medical Expert Requirement in Hancock County

Modern medicine is a complex science that requires the help of an experienced medical professional to fully understand. As a result, the law states that plaintiffs cannot argue a case before a jury without the help of a qualified expert witness. According to Mississippi Code §11-1-61, any person may serve as an expert witness as long as they are licensed to practice as a doctor in medicine.

Under MS Code §11-1-58, most plaintiffs’ complaints must include a certificate signed by the plaintiff’s attorney that states the attorney has consulted with at least one qualified expert and that the attorney now believes there is a reasonable belief that malpractice occurred.

The role of the expert lasts through the entire length of the case. The expert can review a plaintiff’s medical records, examine the doctor’s notes from the procedure, and produce reports that provide their expert opinions concerning how malpractice occurred and what injuries or damages it caused. A diligent medical malpractice lawyer could help victims of medical malpractice locate and hire medical experts in Hancock County or elsewhere who can provide essential testimony.

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Medical malpractice can occur at any point during the doctor-patient relationship. Even a general practitioner may be liable if they do not refer a patient to a specialist or fail to order appropriate tests. Specialists may also be liable for a failed surgery or improper rehabilitation.

In any event, an injured plaintiff can only pursue a claim with the help of an expert witness. These experts work to evaluate the actions of the defendant from a scientific perspective and can present their opinions as evidence during settlement talks and trial.

A knowledgeable Hancock County medical malpractice attorney could help you obtain compensation for all the economic and non-economic damages you or a loved one suffered as a result of medical malpractice. . To schedule your free consultation, call now.