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Hancock County Dog Bite Lawyer

Pet owners are accountable for the actions of their canines. Therefore, if a dog attacks another person, the owner may be responsible for compensating the injured party. However, the laws regarding dog bites are complicated in Mississippi, and an injured claimant may require legal assistance.

If you or a loved one were attacked by a canine, a Hancock County dog bite lawyer may be able to help. A skilled personal injury attorney could explain the laws concerning dog bites, measure a person’s damages, and demand fair compensation from at-fault animal owners.

The One Bite Rule

There is no specific statute that addresses the responsibility of pet owners to provide compensation to the victims of dog attacks. Instead, Hancock County must rely on the old common law one-bite rule to pursue these claims. This rule requires a claimant to prove that the owner of the dog knew, or should have known, of the animal’s dangerous nature before the attack.

While this can be a difficult burden to meet, it is not impossible. Claimants can demonstrate an animal’s dangerous nature by:

  • Providing evidence of a previous bite
  • Introducing evidence of the animal snarling, snapping, or chasing people or animals
  • Gaining proof that the county, city, or state has designated the animal as being dangerous under local laws

A Hancock County dog bite attorney could help injured parties investigate the animal’s past and prove that an owner knew or should have known about the animal’s propensity for violence.

Obtaining Fair Compensation After a Dog Attack

Dog attacks can result in catastrophic losses that affect every aspect of a person’s life. The most obvious results of canine attacks are physical injuries that can include puncture wounds, torn muscles, broken bones, disfigurement, and infections. A dog owner who is liable for an attack could be responsible for providing compensation for all resulting physical pain, medical bills, lost wages, and incidental damages.

Dog bites may also affect a person’s mental health. These attacks can be traumatic events. It is not uncommon for people to experience flashbacks, nightmares, or PTSD after being viciously attacked and bitten. An attorney in Hancock County could help provide evidence that these emotional burdens were caused by the dog attack.

A defendant could be responsible for compensating an injured claimant for any out-of-pocket expenses that resulted from the incident. Past and future medical care, lost wages, and lost earning capacity could all be accounted for in a civil suit.

Under Mississippi Code §15-1-49, the victims of dog bites have three years after the attack to demand compensation. An attorney could gather the necessary evidence to make a claim within this time limit.

Contact a Hancock County Dog Bite Lawyer Immediately

Dog bites can result in serious harm that affects every part of your life. In addition to the physical injuries, you may find yourself suffering emotional and financial burdens. However, holding the pet owner accountable for your losses can prove to be difficult and time-consuming.

A Hancock County dog bite lawyer could help you. An experienced attorney could investigate the cause of the attack and the reputation of the animal in the community. Do not hesitate to seek legal help. Schedule your free consultation today.