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Hancock County Boat Accident Lawyer

Much like motorists on the road, boat operators have a legal obligation to take appropriate care to avoid collisions with others on the water. Boaters must obey all safety rules of the water, properly maintain their vessels, and refrain from reckless behavior that may lead to accidents.

People who suffer injuries because of negligent boating have the right to demand payments and full compensation for their losses. This includes compensation for medical bills, loss of quality of life, physical pain and suffering, emotional distress, and lost income. The burden falls on claimants to prove their damages, and defendant insurance companies frequently deny liability or the extent of a person’s injuries and damages.

A Hancock County boat accident lawyer may be able to help pursue these claims for their appropriate value. A qualified personal injury attorney could handle every step of a case while injured individuals focus on recovery.

Hancock County Laws that Govern Safe Boating

Taking control of any boat places a legal burden on the operator. Boaters must be sure to operate the vessel in a way that does not put any other people at unnecessary risk of harm. This means responsibly operating the water vessel by refraining from boating while drunk, distracted by a cell phone, and unaware of their surroundings.

There are laws in place that require boaters to operate their vessels in a certain way. These laws control maximum speeds, running lights at night, and navigational buoys. A boater who violates these laws and safety rules and is involved in an accident could be held liable for all resulting losses.

However, it is necessary to evaluate the actions of all parties to assign fault. According to Mississippi Code §11-7-15, courts will use the concept of pure comparative negligence in personal injury claims. This means that if an at-fault boater can prove that a claimant shared some blame for the incident, the court must reduce the injured claimant’s monetary award by the claimant’s percentage of fault at trial. A Hancock County attorney could help prove that a negligent boater was the sole liable party for the collision and resulting damages.

Pursuing Claims for Appropriate Compensation

Boating accidents can lead to serious injuries. Even though the defendant may be traveling at a relatively low speed, the unique factors that are present in boat accidents can aggravate a person’s losses. One of these is the fact that the accident occurs on or near the water. A crash that causes a broken bone or separated joint can quickly threaten a person’s life if they fall into the water and can no longer swim.

Another factor that can lead to catastrophic injuries is the lack of protection for boat occupants. Many people injured in boating crashes come into direct contact with a boat, propeller, or dock. They have no protection against the forces at play and can suffer severe trauma as a result.

In Hancock County, a dedicated attorney could work to obtain the compensation necessary to help the person injured in a watercraft collision fully recover. This includes payments for all medical bills, past and future lost wages, and emotional trauma. Ideally, a case will end with a fair settlement without having to file a complaint in civil court, but a seasoned Hancock County lawyer will be ready to take your case to trial.

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Boaters assume a duty to protect other boat operators, passengers, swimmers, and people on docks. A boater who violates this duty by speeding, boating while drunk or distracted, or ignoring navigational buoys is liable to provide full compensation in an attempt to make the injured party or her loved ones whole.

A Hancock County boat accident lawyer is prepared to take the lead in your case. They could handle all the details of your claim while you focus on getting your life back on track. Call now to schedule your free consultation.