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Gulfport Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Most employers in Gulfport have an obligation to provide workers’ compensation insurance to their employees in the event of an accident. If you or a loved one suffered from an on-the-job injury, these plans could provide you with medical treatment and income reimbursement. However, since insurance companies make their profits by denying claims whenever possible, it could be vital to understand your rights following a workplace injury in order to obtain the benefits you need.

A Gulfport workers’ compensation lawyer could help you pursue an appeal following a denial of workers’ compensation benefits. A dedicated injury attorney could also provide the assistance you need with filing a claim with the Workers’ Compensation Commission or even taking a case to court to pursue the damages you may be owed.

When Does a Workers’ Compensation Policy Apply?

A person’s workers’ compensation insurance policy must provide him or her with payments for medical treatment and income reimbursement for his or her on-the-job injury. Consequently, it is imperative that all employees understand what the legal definition of a workplace injury is.

Mississippi Code Annotated § 71-3-7(1) states that compensation is payable when a worker is hurt because he or she was performing work-related tasks, even if his or her own actions cause the injury. Many workers’ compensation disputes arise out of a disagreement regarding the exact meaning of this definition.

As an example, an insurance company may argue that a broken ankle occurred while the worker was in the parking lot on lunch break. They may also argue that the same injury was the result of the injured worker participating in horseplay and not performing his or her job duties. In certain cases, an insurance company may even dispute the severity of an injury.

This can result in insurance companies offering a reduced benefits package or denying payments entirely. A Gulfport workers’ compensation attorney could help an individual investigate the cause of his or her injuries and gather evidence to prove they occurred while that employee was performing his or her job.

Pursuing a Workers’ Compensation Appeal

Denials of workers’ compensation benefits are unfortunately quite common. However, all workers who receive a less than satisfactory offer from a workers’ compensation insurance company have the right to appeal.

As stated by Miss. Code Ann. § 71-3-47, the Workers’ Compensation Commission has the full power to make determinations for all questions concerning the payments of compensation claims. Either party may ask the commission to intervene in case of a claim denial or any dispute over the amount of benefits offered by the insurance company. A Gulfport lawyer could help an injured worker pursue an appeal and demand the full workers’ compensation payments to which he or she is entitled.

A Gulfport Workers’ Compensation Attorney Could Provide Legal Support

A workplace injury can have a devastating impact on your life. A coworker’s carelessness, an employer’s failure to provide proper safety equipment, or even a simple stroke of bad luck could jeopardize your personal well-being and your ability to support your family.

While workers’ compensation laws require most Gulfport employers to obtain workers’ compensation insurance policies, these insurance companies may find any excuse possible to issue reduced benefits or entirely deny a claim that could provide full and complete recovery. A Gulfport workers’ compensation lawyer may be able to help you fight back against such a denial.

Skilled attorneys could examine the justifications contained in the denial letter, file an appeal with the Workers’ Compensation Commission, and take the lead in fighting for the benefits that you deserve. Contact Van Cleave Law today to set up a free consultation.