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Gulfport Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Though pedestrians do not often think about it, simply walking across the street can be dangerous if negligent drivers are around. Sadly, pedestrian accidents often cause severe injuries, resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in financial losses, and may even be fatal in some cases.

Pedestrian accidents are understandably difficult to recover from both physically and financially, but a Gulfport pedestrian accident lawyer could use the law to your advantage and help you seek reimbursement for the damages you suffered as a result of your accident. Compensation for your injuries may not take away the harm that the defendant caused you or a loved one to suffer, but working with a personal injury attorney to pursue full and complete recovery could help pay your medical bills and get your life back to normal.

Pedestrian Accident Statute of Limitations

Most pedestrian accident victims are not familiar with the laws that may impact their case. While this is understandable, it is critical to recognize that time is of the essence in such situations, and the sooner a victim can connect with a pedestrian accident lawyer in Gulfport, the better his or her chances might be of recovering compensation for his or her damages.

Anyone who has suffered injuries in a pedestrian accident and is considering a lawsuit needs to be aware of the statute of limitations, which is a legal time limit on filing a civil complaint. As per Mississippi Code § 15-1-49, the statute of limitations for most pedestrian accidents is three years from the date of the accident. There may be some exceptions, such as a one-year limitation if the pedestrian is struck by a governmental employee.

In virtually all cases, there is no extension or grace period. Once the three-year period has elapsed, plaintiffs who have not filed their case may have forever given up their right to seek compensation for their injuries through the civil court system.

Pedestrian Accidents Caused by Negligence

Most auto wrecks involving pedestrians can be traced back to the negligence of the driver involved. By getting a driver’s license and getting behind the wheel of a car, all drivers assume a duty to drive safely and obey the safety rules of the road that are designed to protect us all from injury and harm. When they do not fulfill this duty and cause an accident that results in compensable damages to another person, they may be considered legally negligent.

Negligence can take on different forms in pedestrian accidents; texting while driving, speeding, running a red light, putting on makeup, or driving while lacking sleep or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. To achieve an outcome in favor of the plaintiff, though, a Gulfport pedestrian accident attorney would need to prove in private settlement negotiations or before a civil court that the defendant acted carelessly or recklessly and that the plaintiff suffered damages as a direct result of that behavior.

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Pedestrian accident victims often have a long road to recovery. They may no longer be able to work in the same job, might need surgery and rehabilitation, or could no longer be able to take part in activities they once enjoyed. A dedicated Gulfport pedestrian accident lawyer could help you pursue a fair settlement or work to show in court how the negligence of a careless driver caused your damages.

Remember that your rights are limited under the law. Contact our attorneys today for a free consultation today to find out what your rights are and what the next steps should be in seeking financial restitution for your injuries.