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Gulfport Defective Products Lawyer

Given the amount of emphasis placed on making a profit, many product manufacturers disregard safety to a negligent degree. A product that malfunctions, or one that was made in an inherently faulty manner, may create liability for the maker, and people who suffer injuries after using these faulty items may have the right to collect compensation for their losses.

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries at the hands of a negligent manufacturer, a Gulfport defective products lawyer could help. A well-practiced personal injury attorney could work with you to explore the cause of your injury, choose a strong legal strategy, and advocate your rights during settlement talks and at trial.

What Makes a Product Defective?

Many products are potentially defective and consequently dangerous. Cars, stoves, bicycles, child car seats, or any other common products can be faulty in case of malfunction or improper use.

Mississippi Code Annotated § 11-1-63 outlines the way that an injured consumer can hold a product maker liable in case of an injury. This law states that a plaintiff in such a must prove that at least one of the following conditions is true:

  • The product was defective because it deviated from the design of the maker
  • The product failed to contain adequate warnings or instruction
  • The design was defective
  • The product breached an express warranty

These four options give plaintiffs many theories with which to prove that a manufacturer created an unsafe product. A Gulfport defective products attorney could review a plaintiff’s case to check if it meets these standards.

Claiming Proper Compensation Following an Injury

The core of any compensation claim based on a product defect is the cost of any medical treatment needed by the injured person. It should be noted, though, that a comprehensive claim should examine every way the plaintiff has suffered from a defective product.

For instance, since individuals are often forced to miss work because of an injury, their claim should also demand reimbursement for any lost income – past and future. Many injuries also carry a mental or emotional component in conjunction with their physical harm. A plaintiff who endures a loss of quality of life or any general mental anguish could also demand payment for these and other such non-economic damages.

However, it is also important to note that state law can allow a defendant to shift some of the blame for the incident onto the plaintiff. As stated by Miss. Code Ann. § 11-7-15, this comparative negligence rule can limit the recovery that a plaintiff could collect at trial. A Gulfport lawyer could help to pursue an injured person’s defective products case for its full value.

Let a Gulfport Defective Products Attorney Help

Pursuing a manufacturer of a defective product for an injury can be an intimidating task. While many companies have large legal teams dedicated to defending them against such lawsuits, State law creates numerous ways that an injured person could pursue a claim for full and complete recovery.

If you or a loved one wish to hold these companies responsible for making you whole again, a hard-working injury attorney could provide guidance and legal support. Contact a Gulfport defective products lawyer today for a free consultation to learn your rights.

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