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Gulfport Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

Well over half of the country’s population takes a prescription medication every day, while many others rely on over-the-counter products. We rely on these products for various reasons that range from treating mundane heartburn or minor cuts to providing essential mental health support and heart function.

It is reasonable for consumers to expect that these drugs will function as intended, since all drugs undergo extensive FDA testing and must contain adequate warnings about side effects and potential hazards. Despite these safeguards, mistakes in the manufacturing process or the chemistry of the drugs themselves can cause life-threatening injuries.

A Gulfport dangerous drugs lawyer may be able to help you if an unsafe medication has caused harm to you or a loved one. Tenacious injury attorneys could work to investigate the facts behind your injury, leverage the evidence within the relevant state laws, and demand full and complete recovery for all your losses.

Legal Theories Behind Dangerous Drug Cases

Whether they make electronic devices, cars, or medications, manufacturers must ensure that their products do not place any excessive risks of harm upon their users. This is especially crucial in the case of prescription and over-the-counter drugs, with which manufacturers must take the utmost care to ensure that they will not cause any unanticipated harm.

While these safeguards are meant to prevent dangerous drug injuries, accidents can and do still happen. A single change in chemistry in the design of these substances, or even a simple error in packaging, could lead to dangerous changes in the chemical properties of the item and a catastrophic effect on a patient’s health.

Mississippi Code Annotated § 11-1-63 states that injured consumers have four options to prove that a drug maker is liable for their injuries. With the help of skilled legal counsel, a plaintiff could build a case to prove that at least one of the following conditions applied to his or her situation:

  • A defective design caused an injury
  • The product’s packaging or advertising failed to provide an adequate warning
  • The making of the product deviated from the stated design
  • The product failed to meet an express warranty

In dangerous drug cases, the most common grounds for lawsuits are those involving defective design or manufacturing error. If applicable, a Gulfport dangerous drugs attorney could consult with pharmacological experts to demonstrate the science behind a drug manufacturing error.

Common Results from Consuming a Dangerous Drug

While taking any drug carries both risks and benefits, it is the responsibility of the drug maker to disclose known risks so that patients and doctors can make an informed decision. When a drug maker fails to disclose those conditions, serious consequences can result.

Every drug is created for a specific purpose, so taking the wrong amount of a drug or taking one when it is not needed can sometimes be extremely dangerous. For example, a drug designed to lower blood pressure could cause a person to faint or even endure heart failure if the chemistry is incorrect. Likewise, if a manufacturing process error keeps the drug from performing its stated purpose, this could cause a heart condition to worsen.

Other common side-effects from dangerous drugs include:

  • Internal bleeding
  • The weakening of a person’s bone structure
  • Joint pain
  • Infection
  • Poor interactions with other medications
  • Inflammation

While any of these conditions could result in serious dangerous drug injuries, a Gulfport lawyer could help to evaluate a person’s conditions and demand proper compensation.

What a Gulfport Dangerous Drugs Attorney Could Do to Help

All drug manufacturers have a duty to perform all required testing, oversee the manufacturing process, and properly inform all consumers of all known side effects of and warn about contraindications of their product. A failure to perform any of these duties could lead to serious injuries.

If you or a loved one suffered an injury after taking any prescription or over-the-counter product, a Gulfport dangerous drugs lawyer could help you fight for payments to cover the costs of any resulting medical care, compensation for any lost wages endured, and even payments for pain and suffering or mental anguish. Contact us today for a free consultation.