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Gulfport Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

A traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is a serious medical condition. These most often occur when a severe force pushes the brain into the sides of the skull or leaves the brain directly exposed to trauma. A single instance of trauma could inflict damage that may never heal, categorizing it as a catastrophic injury.

These are injuries may require constant medical treatment and may have a severe effect on your quality of life. If another party’s actions are responsible for causing your brain injury, you may have the right to compensation.

A Gulfport traumatic brain injury lawyer could help you or a loved one pursue at-fault defendants for payments following a TBI. Whether your injury is the result of an accident or a crime, an experienced catastrophic injury lawyer may be able to help you find responsible defendants who have an obligation to pay.

Pursing Lawsuits Following Traumatic Brain Damage 

A traumatic brain injury is the result of the brain suffering damage when forced against the inside of the skull or is otherwise injured with serious force. In the least serious cases, this could result in some bruising that heals in a few days or a week. However, many other TBIs could cause permanent afflictions. Harsher impacts could cause the brain to bleed resulting in irreparable damage.

Traffic accidents (both minor and high speed), slip and falls, assaults, and medical malpractice could all lead to these potentially catastrophic traumatic brain injuries.

Because many of these injuries could be permanent, a claim for damages should ask for compensation for both past and future medical costs from an at-fault defendant. A claim should also examine the full impact of the accident on the life of the victim. A plaintiff who is no longer able to work, has lost the ability to talk, or who must remain on life support could demand payments for these losses and related expenses as well. A head injury attorney in Gulfport could help people evaluate a victim’s losses and work toward full and complete recovery. 

Common Causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries 

Most traumatic head injuries are the result of accidents. Car accidents, slips and falls, and even medical malpractice are examples of these incidents. Even though a defendant in these situations may not have intended to cause any harm, the law says one’s carelessness or recklessness could give rise to a claim from an injured plaintiff. Negligent defendants are obligated to provide compensation for all damage they cause.

Another source of traumatic brain injuries is intentional acts of violence. Assaults, kidnappings, sexual battery, and attempted homicide could all result in severe brain damage. Defendants who intentionally cause harm may face criminal charges for their actions. However, to obtain compensation, injured individuals must pursue a separate civil claim. A Gulfport TBI attorney could help the victims of these violent crimes hold their attackers responsible in civil court.

No matter the exact circumstances that led to the injury, plaintiffs have a limited time to pursue a case. The state’s statute of limitations law, contained in Mississippi Code §15-1-49, say that hurt individuals have generally three years from the date of the injury to file a case. However claims for some intentional acts, and for accidents caused by employees of governmental entities, must be brought within one year. An attorney could help to ensure that a claim is filed promptly by the applicable deadline. Claims that are not brought within the applicable deadline are forever barred.

Reach Out to a Gulfport Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer  

Suffering a traumatic brain injury is a life-changing event. These injuries could present with a variety of symptoms ranging from confusion and memory loss, to impaired speech abilities, or being left in a vegetative state. No matter how severe the injuries, you or a loved one may only collect compensation if you prove that another party is at fault.

A Gulfport traumatic brain injury lawyer could help you meet the legal requirements to collect compensation for your losses. They could gather evidence that points to the defendant’s responsibility, accurately measure your losses, and pursue claims in and out of a Gulfport courtroom. Contact an attorney today to learn more about traumatic brain injuries and personal injury cases with a free consultation.