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Gulfport Paralysis Injury Lawyer

Some of the most serious injuries that may result from an accident involve paralysis. Direct damage to a limb, the spinal cord, or the brain could result in losing the ability to control parts of the body. These catastrophic injuries may never heal and could require medical attention for the rest of the victim’s life.

If you or a loved one has suffered a paralysis injury, you do not have to bear the burden of these injuries on your own. A Gulfport paralysis injury lawyer could help you pursue these cases for fair payments. These payments may include the costs of medical bills, lost earnings, pain and suffering, and mental anguish. A skilled catastrophic injury attorney may be able to help regardless of whether the paralysis is the result of an accident or an intentional attack.

How Paralysis Occurs and Its Effect on the Human Body

Paralysis, or the inability to voluntarily control a part of one’s body, might occur in several ways. The most straightforward is when direct trauma to a part of the body destroys the nerve connections between that body part and the brain.

Paralysis could also be the result of damage to a victim’s central nervous system. The brain and the spinal cord comprise the central nervous system, and any destruction to this vital communication system can affect all other parts of the body. The brain communicates to the rest of the body by sending electrical signals down the spinal cord. An inability of these messages to the body’s various parts could result in paralysis.

The severity of paralysis increases as the damage to the spinal cord gets closer to the brain. For instance, damage to the spine in the lower back may affect mobility in the legs, while harm to the neck could result in quadriplegia or an inability to breathe on one’s own. A paralysis injury attorney in Gulfport could help injured victims better understand the steps necessary to hold a wrongdoer or multiple negligent parties accountable to achieve full and total legal recovery.

Paralysis Injuries and Personal Injury Claims

Civil laws in Gulfport say that people are responsible for their actions. In the event of an intentional attack on another person, a defendant carries both criminal and civil liability for any resulting injuries. As a result, defendants who intentionally attack a plaintiff may face both criminal charges and civil lawsuits for damages. A Gulfport attorney that is knowledgeable in paralysis injury cases could help hurt individuals follow through on civil cases while a wrongdoer faces the state for their criminal charges.

In some cases, a defendant may carry civil liability for a paralysis injury even if he or she did not intend to cause any harm. The law places the responsibility to act safely and reasonably on people to protect everyone in the community. This responsibility is known as a duty of care, and a person who fails live up to this obligation is civilly liable for any damage that results.

Common examples of this relationship between defendants and injured plaintiffs include:

  • Motorists have an obligation to drive with caution and care
  • Landowners who have a duty to keep their land safe for invited visitors
  • Product makers must ensure their products do not malfunction when a consumer uses that product as intended

No matter the exact circumstances that led to the paralysis, an at-fault defendant must provide compensation for all a plaintiff’s losses and damages. This compensation may include payments for all necessary past and future medical care, reimbursement for any past or future lost wages, payments for lost quality of life, compensation for physical pain and suffering, and payment to compensate for mental anguish. A Gulfport lawyer who has experience in paralysis injury claims could help plaintiffs pursue at-fault defendants for all available compensation.

Contact a Gulfport Paralysis Injury Lawyer for Help

Suffering an injury that results in paralysis may have permanent effects on your life. When the spinal cord is damaged to the point of paralysis, complete functionality may never be restored, leaving you dependent on the help of others or machinery for the rest of your life. A personal injury claim against an at-fault person or company may bring you the compensation needed to make your life more comfortable.

A Gulfport paralysis injury lawyer may be able to help you. Attorneys could assist you from day one to investigate the incident that resulted in your injury. An attorney may be able to identify all possible defendants and hold those defendants responsible in civil court. Most plaintiffs have three years after an accident to pursue a case, but victims of negligence by government entities may have as little as one year. Contact a Gulfport paralysis injury lawyer today to schedule a free consultation to fully understand your rights.