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Gulfport Burn Injury Lawyer

Burns are most commonly the result of direct exposure to flame or extreme heat. However, many forget burns may also happen because of intense friction, exposure to chemicals, or even radiation.

Regardless of how the burn occurs, a person or company who causes that burn to happen may carry civil liability. This responsibility applies both in cases involving accidents and those resulting from an intentional attack. Because many burns result in permanent injuries, a civil claim following these incidents may demand significant compensation and lead to full and complete recovery.

A Gulfport burn injury lawyer could help you or a loved one if you have suffered a burn because of the actions of another person. A tenacious catastrophic injury attorney could help to determine the severity of your injuries, the resulting impact on your life, and work to demand fair payments from at-fault parties.

Classes of Burn Injuries and Their Effects on the Victims

Medical professionals separate burns into three categories of severity, each with unique symptoms and recommended courses of treatment. These categories are:

First Degree Burns

These burns are the least serious burn injuries. These occur as the result of a momentary exposure to flame or slight friction. First degree burns affect only the topmost layer of skin and are likely to heal fully. Doctors may treat a first-degree burn with topical cream and a bandage.

Second Degree Burns

These burns destroy the top layer of skin and affect the underlying tissue. As a result, the patient’s nerves are often damaged or left exposed to the air, often resulting in severe pain. Chemical burns and exposure to harsh flames could cause second-degree burns. Doctors may treat these burns by administering antibiotics to prevent infections and may use skin grafts to promote healing. Second-degree burns often result in permanent scarring.

Third Degree Burns

These burns damage the tissue in the affected area, may char bone, and most likely harm the nerves around the burn. Third-degree burns may never fully heal, and doctors could choose to amputate an affected area.

Any burn, no matter how severe, could serve as the basis for a Gulfport burn injury case. Additionally, an at-fault defendant is responsible for the consequences of his or her actions, even if the incident resulted from an accident. A Gulfport attorney who is familiar with burn injury claims could help victims evaluate the extent of their burn injuries and determine the proper compensation.

When Is Another Party At Fault for Causing a Burn?

Burns could be the likely result of cases involving an accident. For instance, a motorcyclist may suffer a friction burn if he or she slides along the pavement in a collision. People may also sustain burn injuries from a defective product that omits an unsafe level of heat. In these accidents, a defendant is at fault if the incident is a result of the defendant’s negligence.

Using previously mentioned examples, a defendant driver may have failed to check a blind spot before changing lanes resulting in a wreck with the motorcyclist. Similarly, a product manufacturer may not have properly tested its product for overheating before releasing it into the market. A burn injury attorney in Gulfport could help asses the facts that led to a victim’s trauma and place blame or establish fault on negligent defendants.

A Gulfport Burn Injury Attorney May be Able to Help

Suffering burn trauma could forever change your life. While minor burns may eventually heal after a period of pain and rehabilitation, more serious injuries may leave a person with scarring or reduced function in the affected body part. At-fault defendants are always responsible for providing compensation to their victims. This standard applies regardless of whether the burn was the result of an accident or an intentional act.

A Gulfport burn injury lawyer could help you pursue at-fault defendants for compensation following a burn injury. This compensation could include payments for medical bills, lost earnings, and pain and suffering. State law says that victims have only three years from the date of injury to file a case (and only one year if the injury was caused by a government entity or its employee). Contact a Gulfport burn injury lawyer today for a free consultation to get your claim started.