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Gulfport Bus Accident Lawyer

Buses provide an economical and convenient mode of transportation for thousands of people every day. However, the large size of buses and the number of travelers they may contain bring major risks in the event of an accident. Even smaller buses are much larger than any passenger vehicle and may find it difficult to stop or swerve in an emergency, meaning a collision involving a bus can have catastrophic consequences for people in a smaller car the bus crashes into as well as passengers inside the bus.

A Gulfport bus accident lawyer could help if you or a loved one were injured in a bus wreck. Well-practiced personal injury attorneys could assist with filing insurance claims against private bus companies, or pursuing lawsuits against the town or city to demand payment for losses caused by public buses. Claims may be brought on behalf of injured passengers in the bus, or drivers or passengers in other vehciles involved in a bus wreck.

Bus Wrecks Involving Other Vehicles

Bus drivers have the same obligations to follow the safety rules that protect us all on the road as all other drivers on the road do. Specifically, they are obliged to follow all the safety rules of the roadway and to drive in a way that does not place other people at unnecessary risk of harm.

A bus driver who was speeding, who ran a red light, or who failed to yield when required by law would likely be found at-fault for any ensuing collision with another vehicle. Potential plaintiffs should bear in mind, though, that many bus accident cases in Gulfport are not so straightforward.

As dictated in Mississippi Code Annotated §11-7-15, a civil court must examine the actions of both parties to assign blame. The plaintiff’s percentage of fault for causing the accident would proportionally diminish the compensation that he or she may receive.

Defendant insurance companies understand this fact and may try to shift blame for the accident onto an injured plaintiff. Whether the bus is owned by a private company or by the government, a Gulfport bus accident attorney could help injured drivers and their passengers establish a bus driver’s fault for a wreck.

Pursuing Compensation as a Passenger

In addition to other drivers, the responsibility bus drivers have to protect others on the road also applies to their passengers. Because passengers on buses pay a fare to ride, buses are known as common carriers, which by law must always protect their passengers.

An at-fault bus driver may bear liability to compensate any injured passengers harmed in a collision even if the bus does not collide with another vehicle and instead hits a wall or drives over a curb. Since most buses do not have seatbelts, injuries from these types of incidents are common. A bus wreck lawyer in Gulfport could help an injured passenger understand his or her legal rights and pursue a claim against the bus operator.

A Gulfport Bus Wreck Attorney Could Stand Up for a Crash Victim’s Rights

Since buses in Gulfport are common carriers, they are obligated to take reasonable steps to protect their passengers from harm. If you or a loved one were injured while riding on a bus, a negligent bus driver and his or her operating company could be held responsible for paying your medical bills and lost wages, and for compensating you for your physical pain and suffering, mental anguish, and other damages.

Whether you were a passenger on the bus, driving your own vehicle, or were a passenger in another car, a Gulfport bus accident lawyer could provide legal support. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and learn more.