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Gulfport Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Bicyclists are afforded the same rights as all other travelers when using the roads in Mississippi, and they also share the same obligations to ride safely, follow all traffic signals and stop signs, and signal before making any turns. At the same time, all drivers must protect bike riders from any avoidable harm and treat them the same as they would any other person on the road.

When an accident does occur, an injured bicyclist has the right to demand compensation for his or her losses. A Gulfport bicycle accident lawyer could help you pursue such payments. If you or a loved one were injured in a bike wreck, dedicated injury attorneys could work to investigate the incident, build your injury claim, and advocate for your rights.

Common Injuries Caused by Bicycle Wrecks

Since bike riders do not enjoy the various physical protections that a car may afford them, bike wrecks involving another vehicle place a rider at the mercy of powerful forces. Consequently, bicycle wrecks can inflict some of the most serious injuries that a person could endure.

Even a minor impact could throw a rider from their seat and onto the pavement, and a collision at higher speeds can result in the bike rider falling into oncoming traffic, parked cars, or even becoming trapped under the defendant’s vehicle. Common injuries for such an event include separated joints, severe scrapes and lacerations from sliding on the pavement, traumatic brain and/or spinal damage, or even amputations.

A Gulfport bike crash attorney could help an injured rider demand full compensation for his or her losses. While this should include the payments needed to cover the costs of all medical bills, a claim must examine the total impact of the incident on the victim’s life. As such, a bicycle accident case could also demand compensation for any lost wages incurred following the accident, as well as severe mental trauma, physical pain and suffering, and other non-economic losses.

Proving that a Defendant Is At Fault

No matter how severe a bike rider’s injuries may be, a plaintiff cannot collect any payments if he or she cannot prove that another party is at fault for the accident. This typically means proving that a defendant was negligent.

A defendant driver may be negligent in a variety of ways. If the defendant was cited in a police report as running a stop sign, speeding, or failing to yield, it would usually be fairly clear that they were negligent in the accident. Other cases, however, may not be as clear. In fact, many bike wreck defendants claim that the plaintiff was, at a minimum, partially responsible for the incident.

As stated by Mississippi Code Annotated § 11-7-15, a jury’s award of damages will be decreased by the percentage of fault, if any, the Jury attributes to the injured plaintiff. If a Jury found the plaintiff to be 25% at fault for the accident that caused his or her injuries, the amount of the Jury’s compensation award would be decreased by 25%. A bicycle accident lawyer in Gulfport could work to prove that a defendant was the sole party at fault for the incident.

How a Gulfport Bicycle Accident Attorney Could Help

Being involved in a bicycle accident on the streets of Gulfport or anywhere in Mississippi can be a frustrating and overwhelming experience. You may be suffering from severe physical and mental injuries that might require extensive medical treatment and time off from work. The defendant’s insurance company may also be demanding an official statement and claiming that you share responsibility for the incident.

A Gulfport bicycle accident lawyer could help you pursue your case for full and complete recovery. A hard-working attorney could help with gathering evidence, filing a claim, and participating in settlement negotiations to get you the compensation you need with as little stress as possible. Contact our lawyers today to schedule a free consultation.