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Gulfport Side-Impact Car Accident Lawyer

If you have suffered injuries following a T-bone collision, you may be entitled to the compensation needed to grant you full and complete recovery. However, merely being involved in an accident is not enough to convince an insurance company or court that you deserve this compensation. Instead, an injured person can only collect payment if he or she can prove that another person is liable for a wreck.

When applied to many auto accident cases, proving negligence can often require intensive knowledge of state traffic laws, as well as the gathering of evidence from the scene of an incident and taking steps to protect your claim from aggressive insurance companies. A Gulfport side-impact car accident lawyer could help.

A qualified car accident attorney could help you pursue your claim for all available compensation. To this end, a legal professional could work tirelessly to reconstruct the accident, to determine fault, and demonstrate this fault through a civil claim.

How Can a T-Bone or Side Impact Accident Happen?

The most obvious example of a side-impact crash is one where a defendant T-bones a plaintiff’s car, striking them from the side. However, other typical examples include:

  • Sideswipes that can occur on a highway
  • Cases where a defendant backs out of a spot into a plaintiff’s car
  • A driver who fails to check a blind spot before making a lane change

In all these examples, state law requires an examination of the actions of both parties to determine blame. An experienced Gulfport lawyer who is familiar with side-impact collisions could help to determine who was at fault.

Establishing Fault After a Wreck

Because many T-bone collisions are the result of accidents, an injured plaintiff carries the burden of proving that a defendant was negligent in order to make a successful claim. Essentially, a defendant is negligent when they have a legal duty follow the safety rules that are designed to protect us all, and, by failing in that duty, they cause the plaintiff to suffer an injury.

As applied to auto accidents, every driver owes a duty to follow the safety rules that are designed to give protection to all other people on the road. This includes paying attention Mississippi’s Rules of the Road and doing such things as keeping a proper lookout, keeping a safe distance from other cars, following warning signs and safety signals, and respecting other driver’s right of way. If a defendant violates one or more of these duties, for instance by making an improper lane change, speeding, or driving while distracted, they are likely to be deemed negligent.

Even so, a negligence analysis requires an examination of the actions of all involved parties. Under Mississippi Code Annotated § 11-7-15, this means that a court would reduce a plaintiff’s awarded damages by their own percentage of fault if it was determined that he or she was partially to blame for an accident. A Gulfport T-bone car accident attorney could work to determine fault in a claim and defend a plaintiff’s rights to request compensation.

Retain a Gulfport Side-Impact Car Accident Attorney for Assistance

Many T-bone accidents can lead to life-changing injuries and damages. As a result, any requested forms of compensation should accurately reflect the impact on your finances, your physical health, and your emotional well-being.

A Gulfport side-impact car accident lawyer could help you to fight for this full and complete recovery. Through thorough evidence collection, knowledge of the law, and proper measurement and documentation of your losses, a seasoned attorney could prove to be a valuable ally through each step of the claims process. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.