We meet with clients on a regular basis who have been injured on the job. Many times, injured workers do not know their rights under Mississippi Worker’s Compensation laws, including but not limited to the amount of money you should be receiving; that injured workers have the right to choose their treating physician; and that injured workers have the right to discuss their worker’s compensation claim with an attorney. It is important for any injured worker to gather any and all information concerning the incident which caused their injury and to maintain a personal file of all correspondence to and from the worker’s compensation carrier and/or case manager / case nurse. Worker’s Compensation laws were put into place to assist injured workers, but also, the laws were put in place to protect employers, so it is important to make sure that your rights are protected. In addition, if an injured worker is hurt as a result of the acts of a person or company which is not his/ her employer (i.e. subcontractor, different company, etc…) an injured worker could potentially have a “third party” claim in tort (in other words a separate claim in court as opposed to Worker’s Compensation) which needs to immediately be investigated.

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