Any type of traffic accident can result in serious injuries and even fatalities — in the state of Mississippi, there were 752 reported traffic fatalities in 2020 alone. Worse, a recent report reveals that more Mississippi children die in car wrecks each year, per capita, than in any other State in the Country.

Finding out who is at fault for a crash can be difficult, and if you have been involved in a trucking accident in Mississippi, you may already know that determining liability for these types of collisions can be even more complicated. However, there are steps you and your attorney can take to determine liability and help you decide how to best take action.

The following parties are often found to be at fault in trucking accidents:

  • Driver. Driving a large truck requires having a commercial driver license and undergoing specialized training. However, even a truck driver with these qualifications may be exhausted, distracted or under the influence of drugs or alcohol, which can lead to serious accidents.
  • Trucking company. A trucking company may be liable for an accident for failing to hire qualified, properly trained drivers. If the accident occurred when the driver was intoxicated, the company may be held liable for failing to administer routine drug tests. Companies may also be at fault for failing to properly maintain their trucks.
  • Manufacturer. Sometimes a trucking accident is caused by a defect in the truck’s tires, brakes or other parts. If this was the case in your collision, you may be able to seek compensation from the manufacturer.
  • Cargo loading company. Large trucks are designed to carry heavy loads, but if the truck is not properly loaded, it may affect the truck’s handling, potentially leading to a serious accident.

If you or a loved one have been recently injured in a truck accident, you may be able to seek damages from one or more of these parties with the help of an experienced truck accident lawyer in Biloxi, Mississippi. Please feel free to contact Van Cleave Law at (228) 432-7826 or online.