Mississippi Whistleblower Lawyer - Filing a Complaint Against an Employer
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Biloxi Whistleblower Lawyer

Reporting an employer for the belief that they are performing illegal or wrongful tasks keeps the people safe and companies honest, and protecting your rights after such an occurrence is when you’ll need an experienced attorney on your side. At Van Cleave Law, our experienced Biloxi whistleblower lawyers have handled cases like this for years in Biloxi, Jackson, and all of Mississippi.

What is Whistleblowing?

Providing information about an employer for the belief that they are performing illegal tasks, fraud, mismanagement, abuse of power, wrongdoing, or endangering the health and safety of the public is known as whistleblowing.

Results of Whistleblowing:

After reporting such information, you may receive retaliation which is prohibited by law. You may be faced with discipline, demotion, or dismissal. You may also be retaliated by harassment which is also prohibited by law, such as lack of promotion, loss of wage or hours and withdrawal of privileges.

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After receiving such retaliation or harassment from the information you’ve shared, its best to call an attorney. There are different laws protecting the rights of employees depending on your field you work in, so you’ll need an attorney with experience and expertise in this field to be by your side and protect your rights as an employee. We can begin to evaluate your case today.  To schedule your free initial consultation, contact one of our Biloxi whistleblower lawyers today.