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Biloxi Birth Injury Lawyer

Negligence by a doctor or other health care professional during pregnancy or childbirth can lead to life-threatening or even fatal conditions for the baby, the mother, or both. Obstetrician/gynecologists (OB/GYNs) are responsible for providing adequate patient care that protects both mother and child. Birth injury resulting from any of the following could indicate a possible case of malpractice and warrant contact with a Biloxi birth injury lawyer:

  • Failing to recognize signs of fetal distress
  • Failing to recognize signs of respiratory distress
  • Failing to perform a Caesarean section when necessary
  • Failing to properly care for a premature baby

For the infant in particular, doctor negligence could lead to serious complications, including conditions such as Cerebral palsy, Erb’s palsy or brachial palsy, facial paralysis (from improper use of forceps), or fractures to the clavicle or other bones (often the result of poorly performed breech delivery). When innocent infants fall victim to medical malpractice, the Mississippi medical malpractice lawyers at Van Cleave Law can support parents seeking the compensation they deserve.

Signs of Potential Birth Injury

As a Biloxi birth injury lawyer can explain, even the most meticulous and attentive OB/GYNs cannot avoid complications 100 percent of the time. But sometimes unnecessary or avoidable complications lead to injury as a result of negligence, carelessness, or errors by a doctor. Any OB/GYN should have no trouble recognizing signs that indicate birth injury risk—such as the following—and be prepared to react accordingly.

  • Shoulder dystocia—When the baby is oddly positioned during delivery, its shoulders can get caught between the pelvic bones. If shoulder dystocia occurs, the doctor can try to gently ease the baby out with his or her hands. But if the doctor uses too much force, the baby could suffer nerve damage to the brachial plexus.
  • Macrosomia (a large baby)—With a large baby, a petite mother, or a combination of the two, vaginal birth can be particularly difficult and may require use of forceps or a vacuum extractor. Both tools could seriously injure the baby if used improperly. Sometimes size issues necessitate a C-section.
  • Oxygen deprivation—Lack of oxygen for any number of reasons—umbilical cord compression or damage, fetal circulation problems, maternal hypertension, maternal hypotension, preeclampsia, eclampsia, infection, to name a few—can lead to infant brain damage or even death.

Proven Experience of a Biloxi Birth Injury Lawyer

Have you or your infant suffered an injury due to possible doctor negligence and need to speak to a Biloxi birth injury attorney? We can help. After a serious personal injury, financial loss, or insured loss, you need an attorney who knows how to present your best case in court. We can begin to evaluate your case today. Contact a Van Cleave Law attorney today to schedule your free initial consultation. We serve Gulfport, Biloxi, and all of Mississippi.