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Biloxi Side-Impact Collision Lawyer

A side-impact collision occurs when a person runs into the side of another vehicle. Such wrecks are often called T-bone accidents because the two cars make a T-shape when one impacts another in its flank. These crashes are potentially devastating and could leave a person with various injuries and damages.

Contacting a Biloxi side-impact collision lawyer is advisable if you or a loved one are suffering from the aftermath of a side-impact crash. A well-versed car accident attorney could review your wreck case and build your injury claim.

First Steps to Take After a Side-Impact Crash

One of the most common causes of a side-impact crashes is when a driver does not have the right of way, runs a red light, or pulls onto oncoming traffic from a parking lot or a crossroad. Due to the nature of a T-bone car wreck, an accident victim should know what important steps he or she should take after the crash.

Getting to Safety

Immediately after a side-impact collision occurs, individuals should move to a safe location. If he or she is in the middle of the road after the impact and the car can be driven, the person should pull over onto the side and get out of traffic to avoid another crash. If the individual’s vehicle is not drivable, the driver should get out of his or her car and off to the side of the road if it is physically possible to do so in a safe manner.

Collecting Information

After relocating, individuals should then proceed to get whatever information that he or she can get from the scene of the wreck. This includes the other driver’s name, address, and insurance information. The person may wish to identify any witnesses who were present and take pictures that show the people and vehicles involved in the wreck.

He or she could also step back and take pictures that show a broader view of the scene of the wreck. This could include showing any skid marks, traffic signs, obstructions, or oncoming traffic that may be in place. A side-impact collision lawyer in Biloxi could use the information a victim collected when building a claim.

It is critical for injured individuals to seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Medical care is crucial for one’s health and car wreck claim.

Contacting an Attorney

Once a person attends to his or her health, he or she should call a T-bone car accident attorney in Biloxi to get a free consultation. A person’s legal counsel could help determine:

  • Whether he or she may have a claim against the other driver
  • What types of damages the individual be able to recover
  • How to document the plaintiff’s damages
  • How to respond to questions posed by various insurance companies
  • How to proceed while preserving one’s rights

Common Injuries in Side-Impact Car Accidents

Injuries in a T-bone wreck can range anywhere from traumatic brain injuries, serious back injuries, to soft-tissue injuries. People may hit their head on the window frame and may suffer from severe head injuries. The rotation of a person’s body in this type of wreck could cause soft-tissue injuries and herniated discs, which may require surgical intervention.

Working with a Biloxi Side-Collision Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one were involved in a T-bone car accident, reaching out to a Biloxi side-impact collision lawyer may be crucial. A claim for full and complete recovery could help you manage the financial burden of your car accident. A steadfast attorney could also fight for your rights while you recover from your injuries. Get a free consultation with an accomplished attorney by calling today.