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Biloxi Side-Impact Car Accident Lawyer

Side-impact wrecks are one of the scarier auto wrecks once can experience as a motorist. Most side-impact crashes occur without warning, leaving the driver and passengers vulnerable to significant injuries. Unfortunately, victims often sustain serious injuries which could have a lasting impact on their lives.

If you or a loved one suffered an injury due to a side-crash or T-bone accident, be sure to get in touch with a Biloxi side-impact car accident lawyer today. A versatile car accident lawyer could review the facts of your case and inform you of your eligibility to receive compensation awards for damages sustained as a result of another driver’s negligence.

Biloxi Laws for Motorists

Title 63 of the Mississippi Code contains Biloxi’s rules of the road, the safety rules that are designed to protect us all from harm. Under Mississippi Code §13-1-123, plaintiffs could succeed in a personal injury claim involving a car if they demonstrate that the driver who hit the side of their vehicle was in violation of these safety rules. These safety rules and regulations help to guide traffic in such a way that crashes are kept to a minimum. Victims who have incurred severe injuries as a result of drivers who choose not to follow these safety rules should get in touch with a Biloxi side-impact car accident lawyer.

What is Improper Passing?

Specific rules about passing exist for the benefit of Biloxi motorists. Under Miss. Code Ann. §63-3-611, drivers are expected to pass on the left. However, under certain situations, drivers may not be allowed to pass other vehicles when traveling down a road.

Passing on a curve or steep-grade road, or when approaching a bridge or intersection, is strictly prohibited. Drivers who break this rule may crash into the side of the car they are passing. A side-impact auto accident lawyer in Biloxi may have further information on how these types of accidents may affect a claim for personal injury.

Side-Impact Crashes in Intersections

At times, side-impact collisions happen when one car clips the side of another vehicle in an intersection. Under Miss. Code Ann. §63-3-801, a driver must yield the right-of-way to other cars that are already in the intersection. When vehicles arrive at the crossroads simultaneously, the vehicle on the left side should let the other car proceed first.

If a side-impact crash occurs because a fellow motorist failed to acquiesce the right-of-way at an intersection, the victim may bring a civil injury claim. Failure to yield in compliance with the vehicle code and safety rules may be asserted against the driver who caused the wreck in a lawsuit.

Careless Driving

Side-impact pileups may result from negligent driving. Miss. Code Ann. §63-3-1213 prohibits careless driving, which is a lesser offense than reckless driving.  Negligent drivers who are placing the safety of other drivers at risk due to their carelessness may be cited for violating this statute. Reckless driving that results in personal injury may be used to establish liability for injuries and damages against a negligent motorist in a side-impact car accident civil lawsuit.

What are Common Injuries to Biloxi Drivers in Side-impact Accidents?

Victims could incur significant injuries as a result of a side-impact auto wreck. Common injuries may include trauma to the head, lower extremities, chest, shoulders, and pelvis. An injured person could feel the symptoms of his or her injuries long after the accident occurred, causing him or her to require medical treatment over a long period of time. As a result, victims may be placed in a financially stressful predicament while trying to heal from their damages. Fortunately, a Biloxi side-impact car accident lawyer could work to secure compensation to help pay for any medical treatment and other damages, such as lost wages, incurred as a result of the wreck.

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If you or a loved sustained injuries due to a T-bone accident, it may be worth investigating the legal options available to you. A Biloxi side-impact car accident lawyer could help you review the facts of your case, advise you of your rights, calculate the total amount of damages owed to you, assist you with the claims process, and work towards getting you the maximum compensation you need. By working with an personal injury lawyer, you are also giving yourself the opportunity to file a successful claim. To get started working on your case, contact us for a free consultation today.