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Biloxi Parking Lot Accident Lawyer

Many auto wrecks and collisions occur in parking lots. Drivers who are unaware or inattentive to their surroundings are susceptible to ramming into other unsuspecting drivers or pedestrians, potentially causing that driver or pedestrian to suffer severe injuries. Victims of such accidents have legal options available to them in order to recover compensation for any damages sustained as a result of someone else’s negligence.

If you or someone you love were harmed in a car crash within a parking garage or parking lot, be sure to contact a Biloxi parking lot accident lawyer. An experienced car accident attorney could review the facts of your case during your free consultation and advise you on your next steps towards obtaining compensation.

Parking Lot Accidents in Biloxi

The National Safety Council estimates that about 50,000 accidents occur in parking lots every year, resulting in thousands of injuries. The organization cites distractions (such as texting while driving, personal grooming, programming GPS systems, and using social media) as exacerbations of the dangers of parking lots and garages.

Vehicle Accidents

Title 63 of the Mississippi Code comprises Biloxi’s driving regulations and set out the safety rules that are designed to keep us all safe. There are statutes concerning the operation of a vehicle, whether a car is being driven on a highway or in a parking lot. If a motorist disobeys one of these statutes, it may be used against him or her in a civil claim for injuries, per Mississippi Code Annotated §13-1-123. A Biloxi parking lot accident lawyer could explain this concept during a free initial consultation.

What are Common Causes of Parking Lot Accidents?

Motorists are required to heighten their focus when driving in a parking lot or garage. Under §63-3-1203 of the Mississippi Code, a motorist may not allow distractions to hamper their view or detract from their control of the vehicle.

With this is in mind, if a driver is too busy paying attention to where a spot might be opening up, their disengagement from their driving responsibilities may violate the vehicle code, and may constitute reckless or careless driving under Mississippi Code §§ 63-3-1201 or 63-3-1213. If a motorist harms another driver, passenger, or pedestrian in the process, this violation could be used against him or her to establish fault and impose liability to compensate the victim in a lawsuit.

Are Accidents While Exiting a Garage Common?

Per §63-3-1005 of the Mississippi Code, a driver must stop before emerging from a building, alley, or driveway. When people are exiting a parking lot or parking structure, they must slow down, stop, and look for oncoming cars.

A collision or auto wreck may occur when a driver fails to allow other vehicles the right of way when exiting a parking lot. A parking lot accident attorney in Biloxi may discuss right-of-way rules with victims looking to recoup compensation for their damages.

The Duty of Care

No one is likely more vulnerable in a parking lot than a pedestrian. Considering the fact that there is nothing protecting civilians from being struck by a vehicle, the law aims to protect pedestrians from being the victim of a negligent driver. Under §63-3-1112 of the Mississippi Code, Biloxi drivers have an obligation to be mindful of those approaching on foot. Failure to do so could establish grounds for a civil lawsuit.

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If you have been injured in any type of accident involving a parking lot or garage, it may be beneficial to discuss your injuries with counsel. An experienced attorney could walk you through the injury claims process and advise you on what steps you should take next during your free consultation. Contact a Biloxi parking lot accident lawyer for a free consultation to get started on your case today.