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Biloxi Highway Accident Lawyer

If you or someone you know was injured in a car wreck on a major roadway, then you need to reach out to a Biloxi highway accident lawyer. An attorney could work with you to hold negligent people accountable and help you reach a full and complete recovery. Speak to an experienced car accident attorney today.

Major Roadways in Biloxi

The most major roadway in Biloxi is Interstate 10, which passes just north of Biloxi. There is also Highway 90, which passes along the southern border of Biloxi. Both roads are highly trafficked thoroughfares.

Accidents on these highways are extremely common. I-10 is one of the more dangerous interstates in the country, and Biloxi has a tremendous volume of tractor-trailer traffic in I-10. This is because the interstate goes from Texas to Florida.

First Steps After a Highway Wreck

The first thing that a person should do when they are involved in a wreck on Interstate 10 or Highway 90 is to see to the safety of themselves and the passengers in his or her car. If it is possible to get away from the vehicle and away from the road to a safe location, people should do that as quickly as they are able to. Passengers want to check on the other drivers if able, but not to the point where they are putting themselves in more danger. They should call law enforcement as soon as they are able. They should call 911 if they have a cellphone that works. If witnesses stop by, they should ask them to call 911.

It is also important to take as much information down to document the scene as victims are able to, so that means taking pictures of the surrounding. That means getting the names, addresses and telephone numbers of any witnesses who stop, getting as much information as possible about the other drivers who are involved, the name of their insurance company, the type of car they were driving, what kind of damages they may have suffered, names, telephone numbers, and data of that nature.

Then, as soon as possible, it is a great idea to contact a Biloxi car wreck attorney or big truck wreck attorney so that the attorney could give them a free consultation and fully advise them of their rights. The attorney could begin an investigation to preserve all the evidence that may be important in ensuring the injured person is fully compensated for their injuries and reach a full and complete recovery.

Common Fact Patterns Surrounding Biloxi Wrecks

There is a lot of fog on the coast, and heavy fog conditions are extremely dangerous on I-10 because they can drastically reduce visibility. Sometimes, people are in too big a hurry to slow down, and that leads to serious collisions on the interstate and chain reaction wrecks because, all of a sudden, there is a wreck in the middle of the road and the people behind also have lower visibility because of the fog.

Another scenario that occurs on I-10 is wrecks caused by distracted driving. People who think it is safe to drive 80 or 90 miles an hour down the interstate while they are texting with their friends or watching the latest video on YouTube or seeing how many likes they got on Facebook have led to many unnecessary wrecks, deaths, and serious catastrophic injuries.

Highway 90, which is another major thoroughfare, is a highway with higher speed limits but still has a number of stoplights and a number of adjoining roads. Tourists coming from the beach could be distracted by these things, run red lights, and cause accidents that way.

Let an Experienced Car Wreck Attorney Help

When negligent drivers disregard the safety rules of the road, injuries ensue. If you or someone you love was injured because of an irresponsible highway driver, then you need to contact a Biloxi highway accident lawyer. An attorney familiar with the area, courts, and cases like yours could make all the difference when it comes to holding these negligent parties responsible. To help your case, reach out to an attorney today for a free initial consultation.