Liability in Biloxi Head-On Collision Cases | Establishing Fault
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Liability in Biloxi Head-On Collision Cases

To recover compensation following a car wreck, liability must be established. An injured individual could collect compensation from a defendant if he or she can prove that the other person was liable for his or her injuries. Alternatively, liability could also be used against the claimant to challenge his or her right to collect damages. If you or your loved one were injured in a head-on car wreck, contacting a lawyer who could speak to the role of liability in Biloxi head-on collision cases may be crucial. An experienced head-on collision attorney could guide you through the legal process and pursue your claim against those who were responsible for your losses.

How is Fault Assigned by Insurance Companies and Traffic Law?

While insurance laws do not define fault per se, the traffic laws do. Mississippi has what is called the safety rules of the road which are put forth by the Mississippi legislature. These safety rules are intended for drivers to follow to ensure the safety of everyone traveling on the roads. The safety rules of the road require drivers to keep their attention on the road.

For example, these safety rules require individuals to travel in their own lane of traffic at a safe speed. Drivers must also keep a sufficient distance between them and the vehicle in front of them. This way, if there is a vehicle wreck, or if something occurs in traffic ahead of the driver, he or she could have time to react and come to a safe stop. Doing so could decrease the need for evasive maneuvers to avoid a rear-end car collision, which might lead drivers crossing the centerline and being involved in a head-on collision.

A driver that breaches his or her duties to comply with the safety rules of the road could be found liable for the injuries caused. For help with establishing liability in Biloxi head-on collision cases, contact an attorney.

Factors that Impact Liability in Head-On Vehicle Wrecks

In Biloxi, one of the big factors that could influence liability in head-on collision claims is a person’s cellphone records. People must understand the importance of not engaging in distracted driving. A driver must also understand that if he or she does use a phone, his or her cellphone records could be discoverable in the event of a head-on collision. Lawyers for the injured person could subpoena a defendant’s cellphone records and find out whether the individual was texting or accessing social media at the time of the wreck. Cellphone records can have a big influence on the determination of liability in head-on car wrecks.

Witness statements could also be used as evidence for liability. This is why it is critical for car wreck victims to contact the police, call a lawyer, and find witnesses of the accident.

What Leads to Head-On Collisions?

In certain instances, head-on collision cases tend to arise from situations in which one of the drivers is breaking the law in the first place. This may include individuals drinking and driving or texting and driving. The legislature in the state passed a law to make texting and driving a criminal offense. An individual is not allowed to send or look at text messages while he or she is operating a motor vehicle in Mississippi.

It should be noted that not every head-on collision case involves someone committing a criminal offense. Usually, such actions result from someone violating the safety rules of the road. These are essentially the standards that must be followed to keep all individuals safe on the road. Everyone has a right to expect that the other drivers on the road are going to follow the safety rules that are designed. When these rules and duties are broken, it could lead to an automobile wreck.

Call an Attorney About Liability in Biloxi Head-On Collision Cases

When individuals call a Biloxi accident attorney, the role of a head-on collision lawyer will be to immediately conduct his or her own investigation. This may include returning to the scene of the accident, identifying businesses that may be near the scene, and speaking to people in these locations who may not have been identified by the investigating officer.

Attorneys who have experience establishing liability in Biloxi head-on collision cases could put together a complete story of what happened to establish who is at fault. Do not hesitate to speak with a Biloxi attorney about pursuing full and complete recovery if you or a loved one were injured in a car accident. Call today to schedule a free consultation.