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Biloxi Head-On Collision Lawyer

A head-on collision is a car accident that usually occurs when someone crosses the centerline in the road. This could occur if a person makes an illegal turn in front of an oncoming vehicle and hits another vehicle head-on. Given the severe nature of such wrecks, a person may need to consult a Biloxi head-on collision lawyer to collect complete recovery compensation for his or her injuries and damages. An experienced car accident attorney could help if you or a loved one were left with injuries and a significant financial burden following your front-end automobile wreck.

Common Fact Patterns Surrounding Head-On Collisions

Often, head-on collisions occur when the driver is distracted. An individual may be using his or her cellphone to check Facebook, take selfies, or text. This may cause people to swerve and cross the centerline or overreact and lose control, which might lead to a catastrophic head-on collision. Driving when intoxicated is another scenario that could lead to head-on car accidents.

Injuries Associated with Head-On Car Crashes

The severity of head-on collisions is dictated by the speed at which the vehicle was traveling. When a person is involved in an impact that stops the vehicle from moving forward, the momentum will cause his or her body to go forward. This might lead to a number of critical injuries. A front-end car wreck can lead to a driver’s head hitting the steering wheel or the window frame.

Often, severe neck injuries are caused by a person’s head violently continuing forward following a head-on collision. This might also result in what is called a coup-contrecoup injury. Essentially, the front end of the brain is damaged when the head strikes the steering wheel, windshield, or similar object. The force of the impact then causes the brain, which is not unlike the consistency of thick pudding, to rebound within the skull and impact the back of the skull. Consequently, a second contrecoup injury occurs.

While people do not consider whiplash a severe injury, the strains on an individual’s neck when involved in a head-on collision can cause devastating neck injuries. In some instances, such wrecks could even cause death. An experienced head-on-collision lawyer in Biloxi could review the damages a plaintiff has suffered.

Importance of Follow Doctor Advice After a Vehicle Wreck

As a Biloxi lawyer could explain, it is always crucial for individuals to follow up with doctors to check one’s health and well-being after a head-on collision. People who were involved in car wrecks may often suffer soft-tissue injuries, which could include a herniated disc in a lower back, cervical spine, or neck area. These injuries may not appear or be fully felt until several days after the wreck. A herniated disc, for example, will not usually appear on an X-ray. Therefore, it is critical to seek medical treatment and go to follow up appointments.

A doctor could determine what types of diagnostic tests may need to be done after a person’s car crash. By doing so, a person could be thoroughly evaluated and treated for all the injuries that he or she may have suffered.

Reaching Out to a Biloxi Head-On Collision Attorney

While pursuing legal action may be difficult for those who are suffering from car wreck injuries, potential plaintiffs could get the help he or she needs in the form of a compassionate Biloxi head-on collision lawyer. A well-versed injury lawyer could help you understand how such accidents may have occurred, gather evidence of your injuries and claims, and advocate for you. Call an adept attorney today for a free consultation if you or a loved one wish to learn your rights.