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Biloxi Failure to Yield Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one were involved in a failure-to-yield wreck, you might be left with numerous injuries and damages. The financial burden of these costs, combined with the potential inability to return to work, may be overwhelming to handle alone. You could get the help you need to pursue compensation for your injuries by consulting a Biloxi failure-to-yield accident lawyer. An accomplished car accident attorney could help you recover the damages you deserve.

Defining of Failure to Yield Accident by Biloxi Law

Failing to yield falls within the concept of road safety rules. These types of cases arise when people do not follow the rules of the road. For example, a failure to yield accident could occur if a person fails to stop at a stop sign, a red light, or a school bus that is putting out its sign to indicate that children are being picked up or let off. When someone violates the road safety rules that require them to yield to oncoming traffic, stop for a stop sign, or obey whichever traffic signals are in place, it can lead to liability for a failure to yield car crash scenario. For more information, contact a knowledgeable failure to yield accident lawyer in Biloxi.

What Constitutes a Person’s Right of Way?

Right of way falls within the wider aspect of the road safety rules. These rules establish what driver has the right of way, or the right to proceed with travel, in any given scenario. At a four-way stop, for example, the first person there goes and then the right of way goes around to the right. The next person to the right goes, and so forth. When an individual does not follow these rules and causes a wreck by interfering with another driver’s right of way, the person could be liable for any injuries that the plaintiff suffered. A Biloxi lawyer could help plaintiffs determine who had the right of way in a failure to yield wreck.

Establishing Negligence in Failure to Yield Car Crashes

It is always difficult to establish fault in failure to yield wrecks since these cases may devolve into a he-said, she-said, scenario. For instance, one person may say the light was green and the other person says the light was red. Therefore, it is essential to be able to gather all the available evidence to demonstrate who had the right of way.

Evidence includes witness statements from both voluntary individuals and others who may have been nearby at the time of the accident. A failure to yield accident attorney in Biloxi could identify any potential witnesses in a person’s case by conducting an investigation. A seasoned lawyer could also fight back against claims of comparative negligence.

How Do Insurance Companies Treat Car Accidents?

An insurance company will always aim to lessen its liability in automobile wrecks. If it collects premiums and does not have to pay out any claims, then the company makes more money. Unfortunately, a failure to yield accident could provide fertile ground for insurance adjusters to argue about who had the right of way. Therefore, it is critical to have an attorney who is familiar with dealing with insurance companies. A seasoned personal injury lawyer could gather and provide the insurance company with appropriate evidence to indicate who is at fault and why a particular claim should be paid.

A Biloxi Failure to Yield Attorney Could Help

Attorneys could talk to the officer who investigated the scene of the accident when determining fault in a person’s case. A dedicated Biloxi failure to yield accident lawyer could also go to the scene of the crash to see what type of physical evidence may be present. Legal counsel may also go around the local businesses to find additional witnesses who might help put the facts together about what occurred. Reaching out to an accomplished attorney could be beneficial if you or a loved one need legal representation. Call today and schedule your free consultation.