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Biloxi Drunk Driver Accident Lawyer

Whether it was you or a loved one who was hurt because of a negligent drunk driver, compensation could be legally viable for incurred losses. A Biloxi drunk driver accident lawyer could work on your behalf to gather evidence, draft a claim, work through negotiations, and, if necessary, bring a civil claim to court.

No one deserves to suffer because of an irresponsible choice of another. Choose to hold that person legally responsible through a civil claim. Reach out to an experienced car accident attorney today.

The Magnitude of Drunk Driving Car Wrecks

Anytime there is an injury or death caused by a drunk driver, there are many differences between those incidents and other wrecks that attorneys see on Biloxi roads and highways. These are the types of cases in which it is essential to get an experienced Biloxi drunk driver accident lawyer in handling injuries caused by intoxicated drivers involved at an early stage.

Often, unfortunately, when people drink and drive, they cause catastrophic injuries. Attorneys could try to secure all the necessary sources to ensure full compensation for that person’s injuries. However, sometimes when choose to drive while impaired, they may not have enough insurance or may not have any insurance if they are a repeat offender, so they may not have enough insurance to respond to injuries that are caused in a wreck.

Attorneys want to find out where the person was drinking because another source of compensation in these types of wrecks are from so-called dram shop cases. If the person has been drinking at a bar, a restaurant, or a casino and the attorney demonstrates that the bartender or proprietor continued to serve that individual alcohol after the individual was visibly intoxicated, then the entity that over-served that person and allowed him or her to drive on the roads in that inebriated state could also be held liable to compensate a victim for injuries caused by the drunk driver.

Commonalities Associated with Drunk Driving in Biloxi

Biloxi has more than its fair share of incidents involving drunk driving for a number of reasons. There are a lot of local casinos, and one of the ways that these establishments get people to come and gamble is to give them free drinks. If they are putting money in the slot machines or money on the table, then the casino often continues to bring them free drinks.

Biloxi receives a lot of casino traffic that comes from places like New Orleans, Mobile, Hattiesburg, and some of the surrounding cities, and those individuals often are fed free alcohol by the casino all day and then get back out on the roads to go home. That often leads to accidents, wrecks, and serious injuries caused by drunk drivers.

Biloxi is also a tourist town. It is a beach town, and many people that choose to come here are here for vacation. Vacationers visit to drink margaritas or frozen drinks in the sand, and irresponsible drinking could well lead to catastrophic injuries.

A shocking number of Biloxi drunk driving wrecks occur in the late hours of the night and wee hours of the morning. However, since the casinos are open 24/7 and are giving people free alcohol all day, an accident or an injury caused by a drunk driver could happen at any time of the day.

Shared Drunk Driving Responsibility

It is more difficult to seek compensation when the injured person is the person who was drinking and driving.

However, there is still the possibility of recovery in those situations under Mississippi’s dram shop laws, so if the injured person could show that he or she was over-served after becoming visibly intoxicated, then sometimes that proprietor could be held liable for the injuries caused when the drunk driver ran off the road or however he or she suffered an accident that caused injuries.

Usually, in that scenario, there is also some civil liability on the drunk driver. In Mississippi, the way that contributory negligence works is that even if the plaintiff, the injured person, is deemed to be 90 percent at fault, they would still be able to recover 10 percent of the total amount of awarded damages from the person who was 10 percent at fault—in this scenario, the business owner that over-served them.

Speak with an Attorney Who Could Help

When a motorist disregards the safety rules of the road and elects to drive after drinking far too much, the accidents that transpire could be traced back to that person’s decision. In wrecks that involve a drunk driver, more often than not, injuries are serious. If you or a loved one was seriously hurt because of an inebriated driver, then you need to contact a Biloxi drunk driver accident lawyer for legal help. With an attorney at your side, you could rest assured that a legal representative is working toward your full and complete recovery.