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Biloxi Bad Weather Car Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one was seriously hurt following a wreck with other vehicles on hazardous roads, you need to think about retaining the services of a Biloxi bad weather car accident lawyer. Lawyers who have experience handling these cases could help you identify responsible parties, gather evidence, and bring a claim against them. However, to start this step toward recovery, you need to reach out for your free consultation with a knowledgeable car accident lawyer.

What Makes Biloxi Roads Hazardous When The Weather Takes a Turn?

Plenty of issues cause Biloxi roads to become dangerous in bad weather. Along our beaches, people are exposed to the south wind. We have a lot of tropical systems that come through. All along Biloxi’s beachfront, there is a man-made beach with plenty of sand that blows across the road. The sand could both make the surface of the road slippery and cause problems with visibility.

Tropical systems bring straight-line winds and torrential rains that often causes the risk of hydroplaning, and even on our bridges sometimes, vehicles with high sides like a tractor-trailer or a U-Haul trailer are sometimes blown over. As far as icy roads, Biloxi is lucky in that regard as they are not as much of an issue, but that makes them even more dangerous when they do occur.

People need to realize that people in the south are not used to driving on icy streets, and it makes them all the more dangerous. It is a good idea to stay at home when one is faced with those types of hazards on the roads.

Warning Signs and Negligence

One never wants to assume that water on a road is passable. If there is water on the roads, they need to stop or very slowly and safely proceed through it if they see other vehicles proceeding through it and know that it is shallow enough not to sweep them away. The best and safest advice is to never drive through water that covers the road. The biggest precaution is to listen to the local radio stations and TV broadcast. Biloxi has pretty good warning systems related to bad weather, and drivers should make sure to avoid the roads in those scenarios.

If a driver does not take necessary precautions and ends up wrecking into another vehicle, that could constitute negligence.

What If There Is No Other Vehicle Involved?

If only one vehicle was involved in the accident, a lawyer could help in a few ways. Usually, if a victim has comprehensive coverage on his or her automobile policy, then that victim could at least recover property damage. A victim may also have some Med-Pay coverage under an insurance policy in Mississippi that may provide a no-fault context to pay some of the accrued medical bills. Unfortunately, if there is no vehicle involved, the person is limited in the types of insurance coverage that may be available to him or her.

The person may want to investigate whether there are other road conditions that may be the fault of a contractor or a city or county that may have contributed to the wreck. For example, was a change in the road surface not properly marked? Had there been work on the road surface that may be caused a loose surface material that was not properly marked? Was there a problem with guardrails? Were guardrails too close or were they too far away?

Circumstances of that nature always need to be investigated to explore all possible sources of compensation when someone has been injured in a single-car accident. For more information, victims should contact a Biloxi bad weather car accident lawyer.

Initial Steps Following a Biloxi Bad Weather Car Wreck

The first thing a person should do when they are involved in an accident caused by severe weather conditions is to get to a safe location. If the weather conditions are such that people have had a lack of visibility or perhaps a hydroplaning event that made them lose complete control of their car, they could bet that those same conditions are equally working against the other drivers on the road.

They do not want to just get out of their car and stay where they are. People need to get as far away from the dangerous condition to a safe place as soon as possible.

Following their Biloxi bad weather car accident, they should pair with a competent attorney.

Contact a Biloxi Bad Weather Car Wreck Attorney

When the weather takes a turn for the worse, it becomes ever more crucial that drivers follow the safety rules of the road. When drivers ignore these safety rules, wrecks occur.

If you or a loved one were seriously injured following a bad weather car accident, you need to contact a Biloxi bad weather car wreck lawyer for legal help. An attorney could fight for the compensation you or a loved one needs during this hard time. Call today, initial consultations with a car accident attorney are completely free.