Van Cleave Law is Happy to Announce the 2020 Striving For Justice Scholarship Award

Our window for accepting applications for the Van Cleave Law 2020 “Striving For Justice Scholarship” has closed. We were impressed with the number of high quality applicants this year, and are thrilled with the number of students striving for justice in their communities.

We asked each applicant to write an essay on how he or she stands up for others and fights for justice in their local community. Van Cleave Law is proud to support students in furthering their education as well as support their pursuits for justice.

Congratulations to Hannah Blair!

Hannah Blair was this year’s scholarship award winner. Not only does Ms. Blair have an impressive resume of academic achievements and community service, she impressed us with her efforts to advocate for women who are victims of sexual violence and misconduct.

After overcoming personal adversity as a victim of human trafficking, Ms. Blair devoted her heart, mind and energy to directly helping many young women and zealously advocating for anti-trafficking causes – all while pursuing her education. Ms. Blair is pursuing a Sociology degree at Covenant College and plans to pursue her Master’s degree and Doctorate following graduation in the Spring of 2021.

Van Cleave Law hopes this scholarship will help Ms. Blair achieve her academic goals, and we are thrilled to be a small part of her mission to bring justice to victims of human trafficking.

Congratulations Hannah!